We didn’t always know that we wanted to be wedding photographers. With college degrees in Communications and Biology, and jobs to match, both of us realized we weren’t happy with what we were doing. When we found photography, it became our creative outlet and we documented anything and everything that we could. When we were given our first chance at documenting a wedding, we became obsessed with wedding photojournalism. And each time we would post the photos from a wedding, we would end up booking several more. We poured our hearts into what once was a hobby and by the end of our first year, we had photographed over 20+ weddings - the response and support we received was incredible and we had finally found something that we love to do and felt passionate about. It was then we decided to leave our former careers and make a drastic change. We’ve never looked back!

finding our passion:

As fine art wedding photographers, we strive to document your wedding day in the most beautiful way possible, and we want to create photographs for you that are classic and timeless, so that you can be proud to show them to your family and children even many years from now. While we are photojournalists at heart, and let moments unfold naturally to capture them in their most candid form, there are also times when we'll compose and direct to create something beautiful and fine art. None of our couples are expected to know how to pose themselves and we understand how hard it can be to be in front of the camera, which is why we'll guide and direct you to create moments that feel natural and don't look overly posed.

our philosophy:

Facts about Susie

- Loves horror movies
- Sings loudly when alone in the car
- When younger, used to make mix tapes that were all Spice Girls
- Makes amazing green chili carnitas
- Loves to make people laugh and will do so by any means necessary
- Cries at every wedding ceremony
- Sometimes involuntarily cackles or snorts
- Is messier than Will
- Can sleep literally anywhere
- Favorite rom-com is Love Actually
- Is a Hufflepuff (and proud of it!)

Facts about Will

- Loves hiking, tennis, and lattes
- Could eat hamburgers & Mexican food every day (and often does)
- Watched all of Stranger Things in one day, and then watched it all over again the next
- Buys tons of books but never reads them
- Loves working with Susie and is the clingy one of the two
- Always turns subtitles on
- Is a Gryffindor